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Welcome to Lowry's PC Services

We offer PC Services to small business and residential clients in the Eastman - Dodge County, Georgia area. Residential clients can get professional computer repair either in house, or you can bring to us.

PC Services are:

Website Design

We also offer consultations, photo shopping, logo design, desktop publishing, and many more useful services to your small business. Read more about us to see how we can help your business, or contact us for more information. Read about our small business solutions.


Our 1st Commercial:

We're proud to announce that we now have a shop in Eastman, Ga at 320 Legion Drive!

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We're listed in Eastman web design services section of Georgia web design services directory at Finders - US web design directory

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Lowry's PC Services is a top web design firm in the Eastman, Georgia Web Design Services guide on DigitalSpinner.com.


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Did you know?

The World Wide Web was first launched on December 25, 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee.




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