• Justin Lowry

Covid 19 Response

Dear patrons,

Due to the Covid 19 crises we have decided to close our shop as long as the shelter in place order is in affect. This is for the safety of my family, as well as yours. We will continue to support our Country Connect customers as best we can remotely. New customers have been by appointment pick ups at my office, but for right now we are out of routers. We have ordered more and will announce when they arrive.

Our bill is still due the 15th of this month. We have waived the late fee again this month. We wish we could do more, but as a small business we must keep ourselves afloat as well. We ask that you attempt to make payments either online with your invoice or through paypal. If you need to make a payment of the phone we can still do that as well. We have installed a deposit box for those that drop off checks or cash just really stress that you put your name and phone number on envelope. We will check the deposit box daily.

We thank you for your cooperation. We're all in this together. I pray for us as a community and a nation. Stay safe, and stay home when possible.

Justin D. Lowry

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