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About Us

Lowry's PC Services, LLC was established in 2010 with one mission: to bring a reliable, high-quality Computer Repair Service to the Central and south Georgia area. Our passion for excellence is what inspired us to set up shop, and continues to drive us to this day. All our repairs are completed with meticulous detail, resulting in a product that is as good as new.

We are more than just computer repair. We are a full-service Technical Solutions Provider. We can repair your computer, then answer any questions on how to make it better. We can design information systems for your small business, then fix your daughter's tablet. We can install a switch and terminate ethernet cables while your son's iPhone is getting a new screen. Need to determine which software you need to optimize your business but can't read through the technical jargon? We got you covered there. 

Our mission is to provide information technology services to both commercial and residential customers that are friendly, honest, and transparent.

Remember, we're the Place That Makes Tech Easy!

Lowry's PC Services

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