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Computer Repair

We can keep your organization up and running by keeping your computers in top shape! From hardware to software, we got you covered. 

ITS Auditing

Worried about your organisations equipment? Need to know which computers need to be replaced and which can wait? Want to make sure your company has the best security practices? We can help!

Networking Services

We can setup, design, implement and install your network. From ethernet to wireless we can get you connected from one side to the other!


Need to know which software to use? Which printer to buy? What phone system is best for your business? Give us a call and let us do all the sorting!

Data services

Your data is gold. Treat it as such. We can design and implement backup solutions. We can also recover lost data

Managed IT Services

 We will remotely manage and maintain your computer systems and servers, performing all the tasks that you don’t have time to do. That way, you can concentrate on what makes your business great!

Lowry's PC Services

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