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Residential Services

Computer Repair

From Desktops to laptops, hardware to software we got you covered! We can take care of it all

Console Repair

We work on Playstations, Xbox, and Nintendo Switches part replacements. Repairs are dependent on part availability. 

Phone Repair

We work on both Android and iPhones. We can fix screens, replace batteries, software glitches, and so much more!

Virus Removal

Keep your data and computer safe. Notice weird popups? Computer running slow? Bring it in to get everything back in shape.

Tablet Repair

From iPad screens to Android batteries we can fix it! We have repaired several problems on several devices.

General Questions

Want to know what printer is best? Is android better than iPhone for you? What does that weird email mean? Pop in and ask us! We love to help you!!

Lowry's PC Services

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